A statement of purpose–now with more cleansing action!

16 Jan

I’ve been considering starting a dishwashing blog for awhile now. It just seems that with so many food blogs out there, including my wife’s, there ought to be some attention paid to the aftermath of all those wonderful meals. Attention must be paid!

“But Charles, is there really that much to be said about dishwashing?” you may well ask. And indeed, that’s the challenge. But when it comes to an activity that so many people spend so many hours at–that I spend so many hours at–well, I have to think I can find some interesting places to go with it.

“Let your husband do the dishes!” HA! A self-evidently hilarious proposition.

Louis CK has a bit about how degraded we’ve let our language become–that if you call a basket of chicken wings you ate “amazing,” what are you going to call the second coming of Jesus? You’ve set the bar for amazingness too low. No doubt it’s consumerism that blazed the trail for such injudicious use of hyperbole, and Exhibit A might well be Joy detergent. While I often find satisfaction in dishwashing, I submit that Joy, by its name alone, oversells the experience. I have never beamed with demented pleasure at a handful of suds as this woman does, especially when the task is over and the sink has been cleared. Heartbroken over her husband’s scornful laughter yet again when she asked him to help with the dinner cleanup, she has retreated fully into madness. She draws a bath and squeezes the rest of the bottle of dish soap into it. But not even the greatest bonus of Joy suds will dissolve away the pain of a failed marriage that sticks to her like so much grease. “Could you ask for more?” she asks herself, and her smile takes on a strained, glacial quality. You could, but what’s the point?

Joy: cleaning dishes, besmirching meaning.


One Response to “A statement of purpose–now with more cleansing action!”

  1. Apicius' Apprentice January 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    I just added you to my google reader! I can’t wait to read more.

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