Catching Up

27 May

I’m a be honest—I’ve been shirking on my dishwashing duties lately. (Not for the whole last six months—I’ve been shirking on my blogging even more than I’ve been shirking on the dishwashing!) Summertime, and the living is easy: Brower’s lazy, and the dishes pile high. We took a trip to the beach; work has been taking up a lot of my time; season finales have been accumulating on the DVR. Even a dishwashing enthusiast like myself just looks at a full sink at the end of the day and can’t bring himself to tackle it.

But tonight, perhaps inspired by two straight hours of Oprah finale episodes exhorting me to run over everything blocking my bliss and embrace my true calling, I grabbed my dish wand and tried with alacrity to recapture the ol’ DiWa mojo.

It wasn’t easy. There was a lot to take care of. Among them was one of my least favorite items to wash: the top of the food processor, a habitrail-shaped item likely to dump water on the kitchen counter as you try to work the wand into its nooks and crannies.

Determined to approach tonight’s dishes with a degree of mental rigor, I was resolved to listen to whatever the iPod decided to play. It’s a crapshoot: there are some definite wild cards that ordinarily I would forward over without a second’s thought: anything off Liz’s Tori Amos albums, for example, or tracks from Bongwater’s Double Bummer CD, which I used to love but now never endure any track from in its entirety. The iGod was merciful tonight.

Dish Playlist for 5/26/11


O’Jays, “Don’t Call Me Brother”

This is a pretty long song, as it turns out, and thematically not much different from the more concise and catchier “Back Stabbers.” From the excellent compilation Am I Black Enough for You?

Colin Newman, “Not Me”

I first knew this song thanks to the This Mortal Coil album It’ll End in Tears. (The album that was also my first exposure to Big Star’s “Kanga Roo” and “Holocaust.”) I did not know, back in the day, that It’ll End in Tears was sort of a primer to some classic cult songs. I find the Big Star covers hopelessly stilted compared to the intimacy of Chilton’s originals; but I might actually prefer Robbie Grey’s take on “Not Me.”

Barry Adamson, “People”

I love Barry Adamson, and I love this song. The lyrics are occasionally lame—“People… they are dumb”—but Barry’s voice always gets me, and musically, it’s just an entrancing song.

Stereolab, “OLV 26”

I was worried that this was the Silver Apples and that I’d made a terrible mistake in my absolute deference to the iGod.

Junior Boys, “In the Morning”

Synth-pop revival bliss. This motivated to wash the drip bowls on the stove after I’d emptied out the sink.

Nine Inch Nails, “The Downward Spiral”

Our friend Rebecca, about the mattress she just bought: I rolled over and fell into a hole in the shape of me.

Me: That sounds like a Nine Inch Nails lyric.

NB: All NIN songs on our iPod are from my music collection.

X, “Under the Big Black Sun

This is from X’s third album, where many of the songs are about the death of Exene’s sister, Mary Cervenka. (See “Riding with Mary,” “Come Back to Me,” and the title track.) This is the most melancholy album of a great American band.


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